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on violence

Violence has many categories and has detrimental effects within society that continues to be the focal point of discussion. The use of pressure and abusing power itself is violence and is associated with psychology, retaliation, hatred and other human emotion. One cannot ignore the fact that violence is a decompression of an event that dynamically impacted an individual. This paper will discuss many aspects of violence with key insights and new details based on comprehensive research. In order to acknowledge and understand the true essence of violence, one must understand the root cause of violence. Violence is an issue that is directly associated with emotion and mental health of an individual. Behavioral violence is defined by a force of physical aggressive behavior against another person. In fact, scientist agrees that violence is embedded in humans. Since the dawn of mankind, humans engaged in acts of violence as they would hunt for food and seek shelter. Although some might think that in certain scenarios, violence is essential. For instance, primitive humans exerted violence to capture their prey for the needs of surviving. Violence according to many experts can be a critical component of adaptive nature and survival. However, it is clear that violence exerts beyond the traditional methods of survival. ...
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Violence is an intriguing matter of perception as well as a quantifiable phenomenon. Research conducted by psychologists has shown that some individuals may not recognize self-defensive to be violent, even in certain scenarios where a lot of force is exerted…
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