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Women Education: A Need Of Social Change

In fact, females were so suppressed that they did not even know that they have their own rights and independent existence in this world and society. With the movements of feminism, things started changing for women population and they started becoming aware of their personal and social rights. However, the transition was not an easy one. Due to male domination, every institution in the society like politics, literature, education, family, defense etc., used to encourage and promote male dominance. According to Smith (1988), life and world was explained through male interests, male point of view and male ways of seeing, and this was achieved by omitting women from “most form of codified knowledge” and institutions in the society (Afshar, & Maynard, 2000, p.805). However, what really hampered the growth and progress of women was their exclusion from the institution of religion and education. Hence, if feminism is to succeed in true way, then it should aim to educate every woman about her rights, strengths and abilities, as only education can make her aware of her capabilities and can make her confident in making a respectful and strong identity in male dominated society.
Roots Of Female Oppression
Male domination and male outlook was so strong in the past that it seeped in every aspect of the society. The field of education was also dominated by male thinking. ...
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Women have been victim of inferior treatment and oppression since a long time. Different societies throughout the world are patriarchal and male dominated and hence, females have never got the freedom to utilize their rights or to express themselves in the society. …
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