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Annotated book list /Social studies book list/ lesson plan

Chick in this reference utilizes literature to highlight the women’s awakening besides their active role towards communal growth. The author expounds the essence of teaching social studies and its contributions in shaping future figures especially women. Since mostly tend to be the marginalized especially in undeveloped states.
The book features diverse roles that pertained to women since the born of America, which is the fruition of the current accomplishments. This entailed active contribution towards the realization of sound housing and industrialization, though, their participation was indirect.
The reference offers an overview of Middle Eastern women and the challenges that they encountered in a belittling society. Conversely, this did not hinder them from depicting their wisdom, which has crawled in the world and in retrospect offered them liberty via their daughters who are scholars now.
Des reveals how women have courageously transformed the idea of demeaning. Mainly, this emanated from their male counterparts as weak via assuming male-related professions like writers, preservationists and civil workers besides politics.
The source is a biography of Jane Francesca and her fight for Irish nationalism. This was after the demise of her sweetheart Wilde, where she actively indulged in diverse associations. This encompassed even supporting feminism activities.
This source addresses the women’s position in the current society globally where besides attending to chores attributed to their gender they are able to juggle both with other responsibilities. These encompass state’s advancement where they capable of surpassing the males who normally earlier seemed to dictate the civil roles.
OVERVIEW: It will aid the students recognize and appreciate human capabilities where the basis is devoid of gender-based or other external factors that constitute an individual. Success does not depend on whether a person is a male or female, but one’s willpower ...
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Saxe depicts women’s desire to venture in politics and disregard the low opinion, which society has always had especially among male gender. It…
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