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Being a Man

That is the natural ideal of parent reinforcing gender identity. I never really thought twice about not playing with Barbies and instead wanting to climb trees. It was just something that little boys my age were doing. I guess societal influence as well as parental influence tries to help define who we are according to our biological gender immediately. Girl babies wear pink, boy babies wear blue. Gender identity is something that seems to be passed down from parents. Even single parents, in situations where people only have one parent, who is to say that a woman being a single parent of a male child will grow up having feminine characteristics? Also, in retrospect, why should a male raising a daughter expect her to be a tomboy when of course, she will someday menstruate too. However, we cannot blame our parents for giving us the gender identity through nurture and environmental factors. Instead, it was the way they were brought up too. Through my days of growing up, I thought I always identified with the traditional stereotype of a male. ...
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Your F. 11 December 2011 Being a Man Many psychological studies have helped me associate my personal experiences with how I look at my own self-identity as a man. Estelle Disch's multiple articles help me to define my role as a man but also indicates that there are other likely definitions of what a man should be and we do not always necessarily fall into particular gender cliches and stereotypes (Disch)…
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