Women and girls` increased vulnerability to HIV/AIDS - Essay Example

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Women and girls` increased vulnerability to HIV/AIDS

A closer look at the concept of death globally, a great percentage of these deaths are related to the girl child and women in general. Studies indicate that, by the year 2030, the number of girls and women deaths will keep escalating with an alarming trend (David, et al., 2009). This trend is attributed to the fact that at most times; women are discriminated in terms of provision of quality health care. Most of these discrimination cases have a great correlation with the social and cultural factors. Among the major causes that bar women from accessing quality health care are inclusive of imbalance of power between men and women; in that men feel that they are better placed to be in position of power, norms in the society that reduce the chances of women being independent, constant violence- both emotional and physical on women- and finally, too much focus on the woman’s reproductive health over general concerns. These facts need to be well thought-out, so as to access quality healthcare to the women and girls. However, it is vital to note that poverty has played a great role in shaping the concept of gender and inequality to access opportunities by the female gender. Poverty has been credited for its endeavor to share the greatest percentage of its burden to the girl child, rendering them a slave to dependants of other persons, so as to acquire proper healthcare. ...
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Women and girls’ increased vulnerability to HIV/AIDS
The concept of gender plays a major role in determining the type of health services one accesses. Gender relates to both the biological and sex related attributes in different individuals. …
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