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Social Class and Gender

Question 1-Movie and Gender Gender issues come out clearly in the movie. The interactions between the various characters and the roles given to them bring out the gender relationships. Mrs. Tuohy is an extremely strong woman in the movie despite her being a female. She is also highly demanding as she heads her household and controls all the decisions made in the family. This portrays changing gender roles in the family, where women have gained ultimate control and ability to make vital family decisions. The changing authority and roles of women clearly comes out in the movie when Mrs. Demands that they go back and help Big Mike. She even offers him a place to sleep at their home (Lewis 18). In relation to the course materials from the gender lectures, Mrs. Tuohy shows that women have the capacity to give out orders just like men. On this regard, therefore, both genders should make decisions in their home. Men should not always dominate as the heads of households. No gender should be superior to the other; all should have equal opportunity and be accorded equal rights (Lewis 22). Mrs. Tuohy represents a typical modern woman, who does not heed to the traditions, which sidelined women and favored men. Her character and actions depict women who have the determination to challenge the status quo in the society. ...
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Author Tutor Course Date Social Class and Gender Social class, gender, and race/ethnicity are widespread concepts that determine the relationships between individuals. Over the years, individuals have faced discrimination from some sections of the society based on their gender, social class/status, and racial affiliation…
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