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Pieces of art communicate to the art lovers in different ways but a precise knowledge of the gender of the artist would shed some light on what they wanted to put across. Through art, men could express appreciation of the female figure or shape as well as exploitation of the same while feminists have used art to their advantage to express woman power and their solidarity as women.
Gender difference means that gender constitutes a system of meanings consisting two exclusive and opposite categories, which encompass all people. Gender has its basis on cultural interpretations of existing biological differences between men and women and not so much as the differences that exist biologically per se. Gender difference is represented in the physiological features and the appeal that revealing of body parts by women has to men even in advertisement (Leder & Geger et al. 2-10). The man is represented with a flat burst while that of women is protruding in form of breasts. The physical features themselves show a clear difference between the masculine and the feminine. The muscle in the forearms suggests masculinity while curves and hips suggest femininity.
Human beings are sensate beings and our interpretation of the world is through our senses (Leder & Geger et al. 2-10). Gender and family are very significant determinants of the physical as well as social environments represented in art. The physical constructions order as well as direct activities, feelings of identity, and relationships in very profound ways. These quite different construct types share a unique mutually determinant relationship with one another. At any specific time in history, ideas concerning family and gender are used in art to determine the physical location and design of open places, places of work, and dwellings including other designed settings. It is these environments that eventually reinforce and support the ideas of gender in art that were used to generate them. ...
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Art in itself is a rich and powerful resource through which a society can be understood (Leder & Geger et al. 2-10). Art and gender can be multifariously defined and the meanings…
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