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Women as Property and Marriage as Slavery (responses)

Also, I agree with Anthony’s arguments on the need to list women in the property rights and ownership. This is because men are less responsible in managing property and children through their ill behaviors of drunkenness and licentiousness. In this case, women stand a greater chance of suffering in the society given that they depend on men for daily bread and property. That is why Anthony states, “Most prosecutions in our courts concern breach of promise, divorce, adultery, bigamy, seduction and rape.”
I disagree with John Stuart Mill’s arguments on the subjection of women. It is essential for women to have rights and freedom of existence in a free world. The legal subordination of women to men due to the natural acts that state, “The conquered should obey the conquerors” should be a forgotten past. Women and men should have a perfect equality where both have powers, privileges, independence and development records on a personal ground (Mill 74).
I also support the arguments of Engels on the need to create a worker-run state socialism where there would be formation of trade and wage labor unions and abolish capitalism. Engels derived his argument from the fact that women suffered inequality in a capitalist society where there was inequality in workplaces and homes. He states, “The division of labor between two sexes is determined by quite other causes than by position of women in the society.” Consequently, the society should empower women since they take part in agriculture, amassing surplus wealth and property yet they are not entitled to ownership in the government (Engels, ...
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Given that Goldman states, “Prostitution has been, and is, a widespread evil, yet mankind goes into business, perfectly indifferent to the sufferings and distress of the victims of…
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