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Race and Human Services

The American society is a clear example of inequality along lines of race that constitute the society. This paper examines how race affected the distribution and access to resources. The study uses the critical race theory to explain reasons for poor social support for these communities and the effect it has had on the communities. Pertinent factors on race The history of race clearly reveals that people became full society members if they grew up within the society or adopted the society’s cultural norms. While for most societies, membership to society was based on tribal or familial affiliation, physical characteristics were also considered. Skin color particularly has greatly influenced membership to a society. These physical characteristics are in turn linked to moral, intellectual and psychological qualities. Societies will always assign to their own the highest qualities while assigning lower qualities to the outsiders. Societies in American are based on races, which has led to racism. Racism is the practice of denying a group of people their rights to resources and representation because of racial differences. ...
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Race and Human Services Name Tutor Institute Course Date Introduction Societies across the world are characterized by inequalities in terms of wealth distribution, levels of education, employment, housing and social services. While some groups within the societies have more wealth, meaning they can access better education thus increasing their chances of getting better jobs, others in the same society are struggling to make ends meet…
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