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Boy's dont cry - Essay Example

The social life of human therefore help build up the element of sexuality. The film, boys do not cry, presents a social misfit whose gender is not readily determined physically. Born Teena Renae Brandon, Teena is torn between two sexes. He is a young female to male non functioning transgender man. This implies that Brandon has both the female and male organs. The two organs do not function sexually and the young man cannot possibly define his sexuality. Through him, the film depicts the theory of social construction of gender as he utterly refuses to be a woman. He acknowledges himself a man and carries himself all through the movie as one. All through the movie, Brandon does things that are naturally masculine. He even falls in love with a woman and is the man in the relationship. However, his happiness does not last long as he soon after engages in a bar fight and is evicted from his cousin’s trailer. Reassuring himself of his manhood, he moves to falls city where he meets two men and cultivates a friendship with them. The director uses the friendship between Brandon and the two men, John Lotter and Tom Nissen, to elaborate on the claims of the social construction of gender. ...
His two friends find out about his unusual sexuality and henceforth it becomes a torment for him. Homophobia is a term in gender studies that refers to animosity against or negative attitudes against homosexuality. It is a general group comprising of anybody engaged in any form of same sex or transgender romance.

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This includes such people as gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transsexuals. This animosity is a natural reaction among sexually normal people. The society is constructed in such a way that it is acceptable for a man to sleep with a woman; this is the natural law of copulation. The society thus instills this sense into the minds of the normally oriented persons. This enables the brain to give a mental blockade to any sexual orientation that dictates otherwise. This therefore explains the natural animosity that the two friends express against Brandon once they discover that he is transgender. Homophobia is expressed differently but it is a feeling that entails resentment of such people. This is an aspect that normally results in discrimination of such cases and violence in some extreme cases. The two friends become hostile against Brandon; they humiliate him in public and force his new girlfriend to watch while they strip him. They later kill him purely because of his sexual orientation. This type of homophobia is rare especially in the modern day societies but it is the peak of such animosity. The two do this not because they feel threatened by Brandon but because they cannot comprehend the nature of his sexuality. They thus feel it is better to do away with their friend altogether than try to understand him, which would have possibly happened. In her book, Suzanne Pharr refers to homophobia as a weapon of sexism. This


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Boys do not cry Social construction of gender is a theory in philosophy that attributes sexuality and gender to social constructions of humans. According of this theory, the sexuality of human is not merely a physical thing but is more of a social construction than it is physical…
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Boys dont cry essay example
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