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Women's Studies. Claiming Feminism

Logical and intellectual study and discussions of gender inequalities allows students to become aware of the injustices in the world towards women and to work and make effort towards changing unhealthy dynamics in any situation. Feminism Feminism is support and encouragement of women right on the basis of political, social and financial equality to men (Heywood, 34). Feminism is a belief that women and men are equal. To support this belief a movement started. In history feminism came into existence due to inequality between the two genders. Nowadays Feminists activist work towards area like domestic violence, gay marriage, equal pay, equal rights, sexual harassment, discrimination and reproductive. When I think of feminism first thing that comes to my mind is a woman with a broom. It is simply because a woman is associated as being a house wife. Her main responsibility is to look after the house and children. In third world countries this idea still prevails. A woman is still not free in her decisions about her life. What she wants is either decided by her elders or her husband. There are countries where women are not allowed to drive. They cannot travel without their male partner. History In 1800 women had very little control over their lives. Even the rich women had limited authority in domestic life. ...
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Women Studies a subject taught in many universities and colleges. This subject mainly focuses on politics, society, media, history and literature from women’s point of view (Regain, n.p.). Women's studies are also called as feminist studies…
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