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Geography Name University Abstract The discipline of biogeography has enabled researchers to develop a comprehensive understanding of the planet by providing a deep insight regarding a range of concepts. This essay focuses on expounding upon the selected ideologies and theories of the subject to promote the integration of contemporary and traditional perspectives…
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1. Describe the paths of water through the hydrologic cycle. Explain the processes and the energy gains and losses involved in the changes of water between its 3 states. Operationally, we often most concerned with water does when it reaches the solid earth, both on the surface and in the sub-surface. Explain the relationship between the saturated zone, the water table, a ground water well and the cone of depression, all within the sub-surface. The paths of water in the hydrologic cycle can be categorized and examined to assist the comprehension of the key processes in hydrology. According to Waite (2010) the determination of the quantity of water that makes way through these identified paths is dependent upon the conditions of the area under assessment and the seasonal variations. O’Callaghan (1996) defines the phenomenon in a series of stages and states that the initial path of water that is associated with the hydrologic cycle occurs upon the entrance of water into a river basin as a consequence of precipitation which could take the form of rain, hail or snow (1) once, the water transitions from this path the point of interception is determined through the surface of land which could be vegetation or the soil surface (2) this phase of the hydrological cycle is followed by the movement of the water towards the plants or within the soil in addition to the possibility of evaporation which is succeeded by recondensation and precipitation (3). O’Callaghan (2006) comments that in a scenario where the movement of the water is directed towards the soil surface, the water essentially penetrates through the pores of the soil and once the infiltration capacity reaches its maximum, the remaining water covers its path by taking the form of small channels, accordingly, another scenario reflects the possibility of water amassing within the soil system (4) additionally, in case of the saturation of soil horizons water movement occurs as interflow and ultimately goes into rivers and streams. The aforementioned analysis primarily highlights the inflow of water through the hydrologic cycle however, it is important to understand the significance of key pathways which allow water outflow. These pathways include; the process of evaporation, the river network and the groundwater pathways (O’Callaghan, 1996). Any change in the 3 states of water is marked by distinct processes during which energy is either lost or gained. When ice acquires sufficient heat, the solid matter transforms into liquid through the release of heat energy. During this process, the bonds of heated atoms and molecules are broken. The phase change which transforms solid matter into liquid is called melting in which thermal energy is gained. Consequentially, the phase change of freezing is characterized by a loss of energy while, the process of vaporization is marked by the absorption of heat or gain in energy from the surrounding to allow the bonds between molecules and atoms to break. The water zones within the subsurface in humid regions are categorized on the basis of their depth and contents of water and the lowest constituent of these three stratums is known as the zone of saturation (Petersen, Sack and ... Read More
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(Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
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