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In 1991, 35.7% of students in high school in the US were involved in physical fights and violations (Mass General Hospital for Children, “Violence Committed by Adolescents”). Thus, the incident which took place in the Gigantic State University can be stated as a crime. Negligence There was a negligence involved in the case from both the parties. The rise of tuition fees had resulted in violation among the students. The university could have negotiated with the Members of Students for Fair Tuition (SFT) regarding the tuition fees and the students should not have entered the President’s building by breaking the law. Laws and Rights The students broke the laws and rights of the university by taking such a violent step. They violently entered the President’s building and caused damage. Thus, the general civil laws were violated that prevents any person from causing any physical or mental damage to human beings as well as property. They also uttered bad words to the President. They were attempting to attack the President but were not successful to attack him and instead they threatened Prudence Pimply, the secretary. ...
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The increase of students’ crime in the United States has been of much concern. The violent crimes committed by youth are more compared to adults. …
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