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Washington D.C.

The population of the District of Columbia was 582,049 persons, as of 2005 U.S. Census Bureau estimates . The great in-migration of professionals from all over the U.S. to the Washington, DC area over the past century makes meeting a native-born Washingtonian a rare occasion in some settings. The Washington Metropolitan Area’s population is recorded as 6,256,400 persons as of year 2005 ACS, whereas the population of Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area has been recorded as 8 million in the year 2005. [01]
According to the census held in 1860, Washington remained as a small city with its population of just over 75,000 persons until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861. The significant expansion of the federal government to administer the war and its legacies such as veterans' pensions led to notable growth in the city's population. By 1870, the District population had grown to nearly 132,000. The District's population peaked in 1950, when the census for that year recorded a record population of 802,178 people. ...
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Washington, D.C. is the capital city of the United States of America. The city’s name comprises of two separate parts; Washington is named after George Washington, the military leader of the American Revolution and the first President of the United States whereas ‘D.C.’ is an abbreviation for the District of Columbia…
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