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Biomedical model of Health and Illness

Health psychology, on the hand, utilizes a proactive approach to dealing with the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. In so doing, it utilizes a wide array of biological, physiological and psychological concepts to arrive at a clear and concise understanding of disease prevention as well as health promotion. It exploits the mind-body connection in assessing the root causes of those diseases. Those root causes can be traced to emotional, environmental, social and cognitive-behavioral risk factors. Health psychology utilizes a tri-part approach to dealing with diseases. This approach involves a concise understanding of both the physiological and psychological components of diseases, a proactive approach to disease prevention and an intimate understanding of the effects of diseases on the body. This tri-part approach has the ultimate goal of disease prevention. According Ogden, health psychologists play a vital role in the education of health professionals whereby they are able to stress the importance of dealing with all components of a disease (biological, psychological and psychological components). By bringing emphasis to those areas, health psychologists are able to effectively and efficiently impact the treatment plans developed by physicians and nurses. ...
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The biomedical model of health and disease is one that dates back to the 19th century and is much a product of the zeitgeist of its time. The biomedical model of health and disease purports that the body is a machine and its operation is governed by the same laws of physics that apply to the running of a machine…
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