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Mental health and evidence-based practice in social work

Providing mental healthcare services in communities involves several particular challenges (Roberts et al. 1999), such as in ensuring non-disclosure of patient information. Likewise, the restrictions among patients, families and healthcare workers in a rural setting may likely have considerable differences than in an urban environment. Studies also suggest that communities are considered to have a propensity to succumb to stigma for psychiatric clients (Buckwalter et al. 1993, Rathbone-McCuan 1994, Hoyt et al. 1997, Fuller et al. 2000).Due to the change in focus and locus of care, Crawford & Brown (2002) argue that it is opportune to examine the concept of stigma as it relates to the delivery of mental health care in rural areas in order to determine how the concept and experience of stigma could have transformed due to the modifications to where care is provided, the changes in the orientation of health caregivers and an increasing consciousness that the social conditions that health care patients experience have an impact on how they survive in unfriendly environments.To achieve the study objectives, Crawford & Brown (2002) utilized eight focus group discussions (FGDs) with mental healthcare workers and users based in rural communities. Results from FGDs suggest that the standard concept of stigma does not immediately relate to the provision of care in rural settings.For one, the authors found that health care providers see themselves as directly seeking to address stigma within the institution. ...
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In the paper “Mental health and evidence-based practice in social work” the author analyzes presents an assessment on how stigma is applied to the care of mental health patients residing in rural areas in the UK. The classic formulation of stigma is the error of the mental healthcare system.

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