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Overmedicated Children in todays society

The kids in this condition have problems with concentration, with long-lasting activity and are easily distracted. Sometimes this condition is accompanied with behavioral problems. The stimulants of central nervous system decrease the level of restlessness, help a kid to concentrate attention and improve the general emotional condition. Of course, stimulants are used as a part of the whole medical treatment program; they should be accompanied with certain educational help and psychological consultations. (2)
Despite evident influence of the stimulants on the ADHD, using them is constantly discussed by specialists, because they may cause various side effects in all cases, and especially in treating the kids. The major concern is that the stimulants are prescribed in cases when the kids do not need them, as there are definite mental conditions that have the same symptoms as ADHD. Thus, parents and doctors should carefully consider the profits and risks of such a therapy, before using it. The problem of misdiagnoses and dual diagnoses is discussed in Misdiagnosis And Dual Diagnoses Of Gifted Children And Adults, a book delivering a research of the problem, written by specialists in mental and medical health. ...
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The problem of overmedicated children has become one of the most discussed problems in nowadays society, especially in USA. It aroused numerous discussions on this topic with common meaning and specialists' conclusions confronting each other. There are many various angles of visions on this topic that are observed, and some of them worth careful consideration.
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