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Gerontic Nursing Practice

Differentiate natural aging changes so that main focus is on treatable conditions. Nurses need to be “in the know” about realities of aging. They need be able to differentiate between the truths about aging and the many myths and stereotypes that exist so that interactions with them must be based on a solid knowledge foundation. There are many age old myths prevalent for aging populations which are not true. As people grow older, their intelligence does not decline significantly. Personality never changes with age. Memory loss is a normal part of aging. It is not true that Clinical depression occurs more frequently in older than younger people. Most old people lose interest in and capacity for sexual relations is not true. Constipation doesn’t increases in more people as they grow older. Retirement is not detrimental to health or that people frequently become ill or die soon after retirement. The modern family does takes care of its older people. Abuse of older people is a significant problem in the U.S. But it is true that older adults have the highest suicide rate of any age group.
Many people make “age excuses” which is basically attributing problems such as forgetfulness to old age rather than illness and potentially treatable conditions. A 2002 study by Ryan and colleagues explored “age excuses” and found they often undermine the self-perception of older people and threaten self-esteem if the older person believed the excuse. (Ryan E. B et al 2002) ...
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In the paper “Gerontic Nursing Practice” the author analyzes a case study of 76 years old female with diabetes and hypertension. He provides clinical presentation of these anatomical and physiological alterations in nursing assessment and care of Mrs. John.

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