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Lung Cancer Imaging

Each is believed to have similar effects to the other, with both being generally viewed as being equally productive. However, this study hypothesizes that CT is more beneficial in lung cancer imaging.
4. Since approximately 5% of patients with lung cancer have silent metastasis, we will also identify how CT is a valuable diagnostic tool to examine the liver and adrenal glands, which helps rule out that there is metastasis at these locations in the patient's body.
5. The efficacy of CT will also be examined vis--vis other emerging imaging techniques such as Positron emission tomography (PET). It will be established how CT scores above such techniques since many of them are at experimental stages and are also not easily available, or very expensive even if available for implementation.
2. To discover whether one modality is able to resolve smaller size of metastatic lesions than the other, or detect a greater number of lesions, or detect lesions at particular location / site in the lung, or lesions having a particular appearance.
Three broad criteria have determined the methodology used to gather information for this research project. They are outlined as follows, and the rationale behind the selection (or exclusion) criteria is also briefly outlined.
Inclusion / exclusion criteria have been determined essentially via date and region, since firstly, rapid developments in healthcare technolog ...
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This study primarily examines the comparative efficiency of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging with reference to metastatic lung cancer, which denotes an advanced stage of lung cancer in which the cancer has spread from the particular area in the lung where it originated…
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