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Lung Cancer - Essay Example

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Lung Cancer

Free radicals can damage the basic structure of cells and thus lead to chronic disease like cancer. (Wellness Guide to dietary supplements, Beta Carotene, Brown, and FDA Consumer, Waging War on Lung Cancer, Volume: 33. Issue: 3, May 1999, Page Number: 7)
The constant assault of cigarette smoke wears away cilia, the tiny hair like structures that line the lungs' air passages and sweep out foreign material trapped inside by mucus. Without this cleaning mechanism, the lungs are particularly vulnerable to compounds brought into air passages. Most lung cancers crop up in the cells that are directly exposed to inhaled air. People who smoke or who live with a smoker breathe air that may harbor more than 50 cancer -fostering chemicals, including benzopyrene and formaldehyde, as well as a radioactive compound called polonium-2 I 0. One researcher, in the September 1993 edition of the journal Pediatrics, estimates that the lungs of a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, are exposed to as much radiation a year as they would absorb from 250 chest x-rays. (Prevention Best Treating Lung Cancer, Margie Patlak, FDA Consumer. Volume: 29. Issue: 5, June 1995. Page Number: 24)
Th The risk of developing lung cancer increases with the number of cigarettes smoked and the number of years of smoking. People who smoke filtered low-tar cigarettes may have a somewhat lower lung cancer risk than those who smoke regular cigarettes.
Cigar and pipe smoking can also boost the risk of developing lung cancer, but because people usually inhale less smoke with this type of tobacco use. The tobacco smoke nonsmokers breathe, also called secondhand smoke, has been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the most dangerous environmental contaminants.
Exposure at high levels to certain compounds like asbestos, nickel, chromium, coal gas, mustard gas, arsenic, vinyl chloride, beryllium, hydrocarbons, ionizing radiation, and the radon byproducts of uranium mining can also cause lung cancer. Some people often feel they are genetically protected from lung cancer as recent studies aimed at the lung cancer are consistent with the molecular and cellular levels, now suggests that early exposure enhances DNA damage and is associated with the induction of DNA alterations in specific chromosomal regions.
Prevention of Lung Cancer
The treatment plan for lung cancer patients depends on the size, location and type of lung cancer as well as the patient's general health. The three main weapons doctors can wield against lung cancer are surgery, radiation directed at the chest, and chemotherapy with anti- cancer drugs. (PDQ Cancer Information,
Surgery involves removing part or the entire lung, depending on the extent of the tumor. Patients recovering from surgery usually need to use an artificial respirator to help them breathe for a few days. Patients with lung conditions that impair breathing, such as emphysema, may not tolerate lung cancer surgery.
Radiation therapy is usually given five days a ...Show more


Lungs are part of the respiratory system whose function is to supply oxygenated blood while removing carbon dioxide. Lung cancer has become the leading cause of cancer death in today's world yet majority of the lung cancer cases are highly preventable. It is common for those who are engaged in cigarette smoking, as smoking tobacco products in any form is the major cause of lung cancer…
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Lung Cancer essay example
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CT scans to detect lung cancer
The principal researchers of this research were The article was published Dr. Henschke and Dr. Yankelevitz. The financing was revealed by chance during review of tax records. Research pertaining to lung cancer cannot be funded by tobacco company because of potential bias.
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Epidemiology of Lung Cancer in the U.S
In accordance with cancer rates which were determined over the span of three years from 2003 to2005, it was revealed that more than 40% of the individuals born today will suffer from cancer at some point in their life. However, over the past two decades the incidence of cancer in both men and women has shown a decrease.
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Lung Cancer Essay
There is a strong correlation between smoking and lung cancer. However many people defy this correlation by arguing that smoking is one of the reasons for lung cancer and not the only reason. They also argue that some nonsmokers also develop lung cancers and so lung cancer is not necessarily caused by smoking.
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Case Study of Lung Cancer
Under normal circumstances, human bodies have a system that balances and check on the growth of cell for purposes of ensuring that cells divide only to produce new units when they are needed. It therefore follows that any form of disruption of this body system that checks and balances cell growth culminate into proliferation and uncontrolled division of cells that form a tumor in the long run (Fraumeni and Muir, 2004).
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Smoking Causes Lung Cancer
somewhere in North America (Stop Smoking ABC, n.d.). It took until about 5,000 years later until the Mayans began to smoke and chew tobacco for the purpose of relieving their appetites while trekking through the jungle. Over the next few centuries, smoking tobacco became part of Mayan customs and rituals.
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Lung cancer
Lung cancer is usually associated with the elderly people due to its first metastasis process within the body (Roth, Cox & Hong 2). Study proves that the number of deaths in United States resulting from Lung cancer is greater than all the other types of cancers combined (Argiris, 118).
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Causes of lung cancer
In 2012, the American cancer society estimated that over 226, 160 cases of cancer are anticipated by the end of the year and that 160, 340 deaths are expected to occur within the course of this year (5). The fatality of this disease has triggered a wide range of research to reveal the causes and predisposing factors of this disease as a core part of the fight against cancer in the world today.
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Primary lung cancer
In addition, the tumor also invades the healthy tissues around it. Primary lung cancers start off in the lung's tissues and are divided into two categories; small cell and non-small cell lung cancer. Although, it can be impossible at times to differentiate between metastatic lesion and primary lung cancer.
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Lung cancer
There are various causes for lung cancer and the number of deaths in the world occurring due to this disease is increasing. It appears in various phases and spreads rapidly. There are preventive measures and appropriate treatment available to cure this disease.
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Lung Cancer
Cancer-related deaths are numerous worldwide. Among all types of cancer, lung cancer tops the list of cancer-related deaths. Cancer refers to the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Lung cancer is, therefore, the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in both or one of the lungs. For cancer to be termed as lung cancer.
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