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Essay example - Lung Cancer

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Lungs are part of the respiratory system whose function is to supply oxygenated blood while removing carbon dioxide. Lung cancer has become the leading cause of cancer death in today's world yet majority of the lung cancer cases are highly preventable. It is common for those who are engaged in cigarette smoking, as smoking tobacco products in any form is the major cause of lung cancer…

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Free radicals can damage the basic structure of cells and thus lead to chronic disease like cancer. (Wellness Guide to dietary supplements, Beta Carotene, Brown, and FDA Consumer, Waging War on Lung Cancer, Volume: 33. Issue: 3, May 1999, Page Number: 7)
The constant assault of cigarette smoke wears away cilia, the tiny hair like structures that line the lungs' air passages and sweep out foreign material trapped inside by mucus. Without this cleaning mechanism, the lungs are particularly vulnerable to compounds brought into air passages. Most lung cancers crop up in the cells that are directly exposed to inhaled air. People who smoke or who live with a smoker breathe air that may harbor more than 50 cancer -fostering chemicals, including benzopyrene and formaldehyde, as well as a radioactive compound called polonium-2 I 0. One researcher, in the September 1993 edition of the journal Pediatrics, estimates that the lungs of a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, are exposed to as much radiation a year as they would absorb from 250 chest x-rays. (Prevention Best Treating Lung Cancer, Margie Patlak, FDA Consumer. Volume: 29. Issue: 5, June 1995. Page Number: 24)
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