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Theraeutic use of self

The mental health domain demands great depth of intimacy and use of the nurse's presence, or self, to give that service. The ANCI Nursing Code (n.d) describes the role as a "specialised field.embodying a concept of caring, which is designed to be therapeutic by:
To put this concept of caring into practice, to form a therapeutic relationship, the mental health nurse must understand what essential principles are included therein, and how to skilfully apply them. Many theories of counselling and psychotherapy are brought together to assist the process, but the Humanist concept of person-centred interaction and intervention could be said to originate with the work of Carl Rogers. His approach identified that personality changes in therapeutic settings could be achieved as a result of the qualities of the therapist - in this instance, the nurse. These qualities he defined as:
Interpreting these and applying them to the nursing role simply means that the person in need would always be accepted for what they were, without prejudice, rejection or condemnation; that empathy should enable the nurse to put his/herself in the person's place, see things from their perspective; that being congruent, they would respond with genuine, open ...
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The fundamental core of nursing is to care so that health and well-being may be achieved by those whom nurses serve, in any circumstances or across domains. In the field of mental health care, the self is one of the most powerful and creative tools that nurses possess for the delivery of positive interventions and outcomes.
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