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Obesity College

Here in the U.S. we love having the bigger house, bigger SUV, higher salary etc so it's no wonder our portions are also out of control. A burger at restaurant can contain up to 1,500 calories, which is what most women should consume in an entire day; or even worse up to 95 grams of fat, which is an entire week's worth. America's preoccupation with obesity is most definitely out of control and is multifaceted as well as not totally unwarranted.
First and foremost is the media's obvious fixation with weight. Actors and actresses are America's royalty and they're praised, admired and envied for being thinner and thinner. The message Hollywood sends is "thinner is better" "beauty equals success" and it simply isn't always true. Young people, most of all, are affected by this bombardment of the wrong message. Many young girls feel so much pressure to be thin they turn to deadly diseases like anorexia and bulimia, and still other girls feel overwhelmed by everything, eat to comfort themselves, and thus gain weight, making the pressure worse. Although the media isn't the only cause of obesity it certainly contributes. And, also sends a message to everyone who is obese, as well as everyone who is not, that they need to lose weight. ...
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It is nearly impossible for the average American to turn on their television without seeing Heidi Klum weighing in at a whopping 105 pounds prancing around in lingerie. Or a person who just lost 50 pounds advertising how Slim Fast or Weight Watchers changed their lives…
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