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Essay example - Culture Sensitivity: A Tryst at a Hospital

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Introduction: The United Kingdom has always attracted people from varied countries and cultures. The social fabric of United Kingdom, therefore, is interwoven with people from various continents and their cultural practices; it acquires a special significance in health-care sectors because, health-care centres are sought by one and all…

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At the centre of all these powerful forces is a unique individual with her own personality, needs, hopes and fears" (Russell-Roberts, 2005).
This article attempts to analyze one hospital encounter, in the perspective of cross-cultural sensitivity and the pertinent question 'have the patients or families of patients been harmed or disadvantaged'(NHS Code of Conduct); the positive features and the negative features experienced by the public and scope for improvement, if any.
D-Day Preparations: Aparajitha and Kedar are qualified engineers of Indian origin, married to each other and residing in in the suburbs of London. When Aparajitha became pregnant, she had regular check-ups to ensure that all was well. Both attended the parental education classes conducted by the local hospital and regularly followed the instructions given by the health-care persons; and duly had the findings recorded in the 'Detailed Care Record'. Aparajitha's parents arrived in there, well in advance of the expected date of delivery, to offer support and help.
Start of Labor pain & Hospitalization: When Aparajitha started experiencing labour pains, Kedar duly informed the hospital and made the necessary arrangements; he also informed his parents-in-law that he will arrive at the hospital, as early as possible, after discharging some emergency duties ...
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