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Action Plan

This feedback is gathered by healthcare organisations in rigorous and systematic fashion. The information obtained is accurately made to improve on the complaints that are raised (Cabana, 2004). The study will, therefore, provide analysis and a discussion of the data provided to measure the clinical care outcome anomalies. As a result, it will provide a proposal for all the possible causes and formulate an action plan that will address these gaps.
The main objective of a patient experience feedback is to deploy patient stories to boost health services. These services are therefore designed in such a way that they ensure that patients receive the best quality care. As a result, the services are focussed on the needs of the patients in opposition to the preferences and needs of the health service provider (Jha, Orav, Zheng, 2008). At the end of the day, the mode of delivery is improved in such a manner that it ultimately enhances the patient experience.
Methods such as the reduction of patient delays in service queues, the flow and quality of health services and improvement in access to important fields of the health services are used just to name a few (Berwick, 2009). Patients are interviewed to obtain the much-required information directly. Some companies deploy satisfaction surveys that have obtained much fame in the past decade (Rathert, Huddleston and Pak, 2011).
Programs such as partnering with patients are developed on a daily basis to assist clinicians who are led by a motive to provide excellent healthcare to their patients. This model does pay attention to the relationships that clinicians develop with their patients, and those that carers develop with families as they are all partners in a health service delivery system (Coulter, 2011).
Patient experience is recognised as a member of the pillars supporting quality in health care. Its compatriots include patient safety and clinical effectiveness. ...
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The paper will, therefore, obtain the relevant information concerning patient experience feedback collection tools. The collection method of…
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