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Feasibililty analysis:computer implementation and server installation

Currently, Lascelles Fine Food operates with an archaic system where the paperwork is the main driver for filling orders and shipping out to the customer. In a logistically sound operation, software is a main catalyst for ensuring fast and accurate paper flow from the moment the customer places the order to the minute it leaves the warehouse shipping floor.Another large problem occurring in the warehouse itself is the sheer volume of sickness that is a result of inadequate provision of lifting equipment. This is not necessarily a catalyst for the sickness problems as every employee who takes on a position as a warehouse shipper/receiver knows they are susceptible to injury or occasional bought of missing work, but, rather the lack of management processes in dealing with low morale problems and the continued complaints from the sales personnel about wrong orders leaving the warehouse and delivered inaccurately or complaints that some orders take precedent over other orders. This is more than likely the accurate reason for high levels of absenteeism and not a result of lifting heavy items.Some of the other serious problems include: lack of manufacturing control, financial mismanagement of accounts, warehouse logistics problems and as such the incorporation of a company wide software program is in desperate need of being introduced to provide the desired results of increased turnover of 10 percent per year after inflation. ...
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Currently,Lascelles Fine Food operates with an archaic system where the paperwork is the main driver for filling orders.In a logistically sound operation,software is a main catalyst for ensuring fast and accurate paper flow from the moment the customer places the order to the minute it leaves the warehouse shipping floor.
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