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Information Technology Positioning Nike Company for Competitive Advantage

The study focuses on the use of the information technology by the Nike Company and how it provides a competitive advantage for the organization over its competitors.
Background of Nike Company:
The Nike Company came into existence in the year 1971. The company had reached to a leading position in and after 1980. However, the company had lost its position by the mid-1980. Innovative products and marketing strategies brought the company back to its position. In the process, the new tagline called “Just do it” was discovered. During the 1990s, the company proved to be successful in launching its new sports apparel products as well as the campaign programs. Gradually the company has been improving in its delivery of products and by the present times, the company has enhanced both in its products as well as in its marketing and leads the industry of sports apparels (History & Heritage).
The use of Information Technology:
Nike Company is highly benefited by the use of information technology since the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of technology used by the company are managed by the information technology across the world. The focus of the company is in providing its business with all the requirements to perform its sales and marketing of its designed products. ...
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Information Technology Positioning Nike Company for Competitive Advantage
The use of information technology (IT) in the modern times can be found to provide huge benefits in the functioning of an organization.
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