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(MSc) Project Management

In addition, the implementation of technological innovations to the referral and performance assessment process is yet to achieve satisfactory results. The current information systems are just as prone to the errors as with the earlier systems, a situation many analysts think should inspire broad changes and reforms with the overarching aim of correcting it and making the systems more efficient. This paper discusses problems in referral and assessment services in children’s healthcare facilities and makes recommendations for smoother running of the systems.
Health care systems the world over are seeking to ‘modernize’ their health care systems even further. Modernization is a broad term referring to the process of automation, by the use of advanced technology in the day-to-day operations at the health care establishments. Over the past decade, aggressive improvements in health facilities with regard to technology have been taking place. Many hospitals now make use of electronic patient records, electronic scheduling of appointments, e-prescription, and improvement in broadband communication networks across the national health care systems (MedPAC, 2004). Arguably, technology has changed the state of health care for the better, and its benefits and ability to enhance the quality of health care provision is indisputable.
While the reports on the impact on the use of technology in healthcare systems have been nothing but favourable, particular facets of the automated systems continue to arouse much debate and inspire dialogue from analysts in the health care systems, in particular assessment and referral processes in children’s facilities. According to research from a few years ago, technology currently in use in assessment and referral processes in children’s health care facilities is highly ineffective, error prone, wrongly used and incapable of delivering on its expectation. This report analyses problems facing healthcare ...
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Health care facilities face many operational challenges, some relating to the sheer logistical incapacity to handle the work flowing though the systems and the others relating to the manner in which the systems run. Modern business concepts necessitate the use of information…
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