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Internet Privacy

Although Republican members of Congress defeated the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act viewing them as measures to curtail creativity and freedom of speech (Weisman), 90 percent Americans support legislation to protect their online privacy (Court). The Republicans in Congress valued the freedom of big companies to share their clients’ personal information and profit from it more than protecting the clients’ right to internet privacy. This is against public opinion and against us, because it puts us in harm’s way without our knowledge -- we might lose our money, as my friend did last year, and we might lose our lives if we allow companies and people to share our private information so your enemies could follow and harm us.
Essentially, the challenge is to strike the right balance between the freedom of speech and right to privacy to build a peaceful and harmonious society. One of the fundamental legal principles is that the exercise of one’s freedom must not infringe on others’ rights. The Minnesota judge clearly missed this point in the case of Aaron Olson, for she protected Randall Labrie’s freedom but failed to protect Olson’s right to keep his Christmas photos private. In case my friend who lost money, the freedom of the bank or company to share his online information and profit from it led to the emptying of his bank account, causing direct financial harm to him.
As an independent, I am free of any political bias. People like us must rise above parochial political considerations and do what is best for the United States and American people. ...
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In the paper “Internet Privacy” the author argues for and against internet privacy – i. e. prevention of unauthorized sharing of information online – since the arrival of information society. He strongly supports internet privacy measures on moral, legal and personal grounds…
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