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Evaluation of Source: “Windows Malware tries to Infect Android devices Connected to PCs” - Essay Example

Information Technology
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Computer and mobile technology has continued to grow and it appears that the best is not yet to be. While technologists and experts are busy developing new products as well as innovating the preexisting ones, there are the malicious ones who have gone ahead to develop programs that have the capability to corrupt these systems…

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Evaluation of Source: “Windows Malware tries to Infect Android devices Connected to PCs”

This article provides insight on various aspects that are mind opening and are verifiable. The article “Windows Malware tries to Infect Android devices Connected to PCs” is current, authentic and is backed up by research; therefore, it can be used for my research.
This source outstands from the rest in various aspects. Firstly, having been written in the year 2014, the article provides some of the most recent information about the malware technologies. Secondly, the article is presented in a form that is meant to attract professionals in this field. Otherwise, a layman may read the article but they may not fully understand the concepts and terms that have been used in the article. This sets the article apart from any other article related to such a topic, for example;
“The Trojan program downloads the malicious APK, as well as the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) command line tool that allows users to execute commands on Android devices connected to a PC. ADB is part of the official Android software development kit (SDK) (Constantin 1).
Such a statement is very technical language; it requires an individual who is conversant with the field to understand what the author is up to.
The authenticity of this article is enhanced by the research done by Symantec. This research gives the article the weight to be used in any research work. However, the information is not peer reviewed and cannot be used for scholarly works. The article features quotes from some of the researchers. Flora Liu, one of the researchers at Symantec points out that, “interestingly, we recently came across something that works the other way round, a windows threat that attempts to infect android devices” (Constantin 1). In the quote Liu was pointing out that despite in the past having devices infect the PC, the scenario has changed, the malware is capable of infecting android PCs. ...
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