a person or a show that had an influence on the mass media

a person or a show that had an influence on the mass media Essay example
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Johannes Gutenberg, Founder Of the Printing Press Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Johannes Gutenberg, Founder Of the Printing Press In the current world, newspaper reading is part of some people’s culture, which has continuously developed as a form of a habit.


Other types of print media include magazines, journals and books. Through evolution, a wide range of newspapers is available for people to choose from in the market. Traditionally, different kinds of newspapers include the tabloids and the broadsheets, each covering different kinds of news. The broadsheet however is the most intellectual of and most informative of the two, as it focuses of the real issues. Contrary to this, the tabloid majors on gossips, entertainment and celebrity as well as sports news. Even as people enjoy their daily reading from their favourite newspapers, may it be news, politics or advertisements, they are little knowledgeable of the evolutionary process that the newspapers have gone through. Some think that they just appeared, while others remain clueless. However, newspapers have an interesting history of their origin and evolution. In this paper, I trace the origin of the brilliant brain behind one of the worlds’ leading forms of mass media communication, Johannes Gutenberg. Historical arguments point out that the earliest form of a printed book known as the “Diamond Sutra” was printed in China in 868 CE. Some historians however argue that this book was printed earlier than this. The truth is not verifiable. However, the man behind this great invention was Johannes Gutenberg, a goldsmith and a businessman from the mining town of Mainz in southern Germany. ...
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