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Nonverbal Communication - Observation Studying A. INTRODUCTION OF THE OBSERVATION SITES With reference to the 1st observation site i.e. wedding of my Korean friend, it has been observed that a mixture of communication and verbal attitude was witnessed. With regard to the occasion of wedding of my Korean friend, there was an apparent presence of certain unforeseen types of kinesic code of expressions.


Moreover, a few of the women surrounding me were also observed to burst into tears due to the sudden outburst of emotion and happiness within the wedding ceremony. Additionally, I also observed that two of the attendees were having conversation from which the person who was having higher level of social status was becoming apparent. The main factor which was noticed was that a person who seemed to be having a lower social status was standing politely, listening carefully and nodding. Conversely, the person apparently having higher social status was quite comfortable to speak his mind. In terms of physical layout, the site seemed to be quite spacious and people were gathering in certain small groups as well as having conversation. This site has been selected in order to determine the variation different body movements and facial expressions of human beings epically at the time of being emotional. On the other hand, the 2nd observation site had been an extremely crowded Starbucks between 8:20am to 10:00am. ...
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