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Name Course Tutor Date Symbolic Interactionism According to Mead theory of Symbolic Interactionism, people assign meaning to people, things, and events based on the understanding towards them. Symbolic interactionism refers to the signs and a language a person use in the expectation of a response from the other person.


Our group known as the ‘The Saviour’ came up with the project of collecting clothes. Our strategy was to use all methods possible to collect many clothes to help the poor people in Senegal. To be effective in the meeting of our target, we divided the group into two. My team was given the task of placing donation boxes at various strategic points, giving out flyers to students in various colleges, and placing of posters to public notices. The posters had our contacts and activity. After two weeks of the activity the whole group came together to discuss on the progress. We all found out that the turnout was far below our expectations. According to symbolic interactionism theory, I expected my neighbors to appreciate my efforts to assist the poor through donations. However, that was not the case; the neighbors were seemingly getting a different symbolism from my efforts. I decided to meet with my team and discuss the way forward on how we could increase the awareness of our project in all our strategic places. We decided not to rule out possibility of miscommunication in our awareness efforts. As a team, we decided to purchase t-shirts printed with information regarding the project. At interval times, a person had to be at the strategic points we had placed the boxes and always carry with them a small mapping board with the group banner. ...
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