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[Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Subject] [Date] Rhetoric & Popular Culture Introduction Humans are significantly influenced by the television ads, movies, magazines, visuals etc. One’s leisure activities actually define his/her thinking patterns and overall choices.


That is, our specific behaviors are the reflection of popular culture presented in advertisements, movies, television shows and magazines (Brummett). This paper aims to rhetorically analyze the pop culture related to advertisement. It will discuss pathos and logos, tone and style of DKNY Fragrance advertisement. Rhetoric analysis basically corresponds to the use of words in order to influence the audience (Brummett). This communication strategy is extensively used in marketing. Advertisement is one of the core components of marketing which builds awareness about a particular product and its distinguishing features. It plays a vital role in increasing sales through the specialized use of linguistics and visuals (Brummett). Description Let’s consider an example of DKNY Fragrance advertisement. This ad exceptionally uses the concept of rhetoric and popular culture, for instance the product name “Be Delicious: The Fragrance for Women by DKNY” is in itself very attractive and provoking. Moreover, the visuals consisted of colors and graphics appeals the target audience. A fair looking girl is presented with fruits around her to support the concept of deliciousness. ...
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