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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Name Institution Date Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Introduction In every type of adoption, there are different issues that have to be dealt with by the adoptive family. Essentially, the family chooses to take in as its own a strange little person that they are in no way related to.


Whereas parent-child attachment may have been developed during the child’s babyhood, this bond is likely to be tested as the child develops his or her own personality. These are, in many ways, bigger problems than the difference in race between the parent and adopted child (Fisher, 2003). With trans-racial adoption, there may be extra issues that the adoptive parent is often encouraged to deal with in his or her children of a different race. According to a research that sought to understand how cultural identity is reinforced by the adoptive parents of foster children of a different race, participants stated that it is quite common for strangers to ask odd questions about the true heritage of the child (Herd, 2012). While there are strangers who will comment positively on the rich mix in a multicultural family, there are others who will make unbecoming remarks. According to the study documented by Herd, there are different strategies with which adoptive parents can respond to uncalled for remarks. For instance, they can change the subject, inquire as to the intention of the stranger, or simply educate him or her on how adoption works. It is also important to realize that trans-racially adopted children do not have the opportunity to learn about their birth cultures by watching their adopted parents in daily life. ...
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