Pirating Software: Why It Should Be Supported

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Name Tutor Course Date Why Software Piracy Should Be Legalized Software piracy or copyright infringement is a major problem being faced worldwide especially by the software developers or companies. Generally, software piracy can be defined as unauthorized use, copying, or reproduction of commercial software, without really paying for the content.1 Forms of software piracy include CD infringement, counterfeiting, and Internet infringement among others.2 Arguably, many people view software piracy as being illegal claiming that any pirated piece of software affects company’s profitability, and reduce funds for further software development initiatives.


This paper presents an argument for software piracy specifically discusses three possible reasons to support software piracy. The cost of some software applications cannot accommodate all income groups since some software might be too expensive making pirating of the software and reselling it to the potential users seem like empowering them.3 Moreover, pirates claim that software costs are too high and so according to them; software piracy is something that should be allowed.4 Others justify the use and distribution of pirated files claiming that by using file sharing networks, they are using the copy as a preview and this mean no harm to the company. Furthermore, they claim that copying and downloading software is not a theft because it is just a copy and the original one remains. Research shows that the cost of some of the software applications like video games is the major factor behind software piracy. ...
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