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Propaganda Student’s Name: Date of Submission: The main purpose of propaganda can either be all about communicating the “truth” or “lies” and “deception”1. In relation to the different purpose of propaganda, this report will purposely compare and contrast the similarities and differences of ‘T’ elements used in the propaganda used by Hitler and Barak Obama’s propaganda which aims to create more jobs for the local people in America by continuously promoting his healthcare campaign2, 3, 4.


The first image which represents the Nazi propaganda under the leadership of Hitler strongly suggests that the medium used by Hitler in his propaganda has been very effective. Hitler was able to successfully win the trust and support of its people in Germany. In fact, “even the youngest want to take Hitler’s picture”6. The second image is similar with the first image in the sense that Obama also managed to use effective medium in his propaganda. This explains why Obama won in the presidential election in the United States. “Time” is all about being able to disseminate the message across the target audiences at the right moment of time7. Hitler’s and Obama’s timing was both made at the right moment. For instance, to win the support of the majority of the Americans for his presidential campaign back in 2008, Obama’s propaganda is to create more jobs and make healthcare accessible to all8, 9. The timing of Obama’s propaganda was just right since majority of the people has been badly affected by the economic recession in the United States. ...
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