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Security of our nation

As a direct result of the fact that an increased level of interconnectedness and communication links diverse communities and individuals the world over, the nature and scope of existing threats to national security it might be posed by elements that would wish to do the United States harm has been drastically increased. Yet, in order to more completely understand the issues relating to domestic and international eavesdropping/spying that has been proven to exist by the leaks of whistleblower Edward Snowden and others, the following analysis will focus upon the key issues, the stakeholders involved within the scope of this espionage, and the technology involved. By regarding these issues and focusing on the political and ethical ramifications that these issues entail, the analysis will be able to pinpoint the way in which this issue is currently defined. Firstly, with regards to the key issues, it can be understood that the right and expectation to privacy is the first and most prescient of all. ...
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Name Date Course Section/# An Analysis of the National Security Agency and the Means through which Domestic Spying is Being Effected With respect to the issue of privacy and the means through which domestic intelligence agencies gather information and even spy upon the activities, habits, and communications of individuals around the globe, it must be understood that to primary causation’s have heavily impacted the degree and extent to which this is currently taking place…
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