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With assistance from his spouse Althea and his brother Jimmy Larry turned out to be the wealthiest pornographer in America and a symbol of bad taste, excess and filth (Clark, 506). Larry found himself in regular legal battles. The public tried to stop the sale of the publication by alleging it was lawfully obscene, and it desecrated public and ethics standards. Larry was a defiant man who was determined to defend his rights, and with the help of his attorney, Colin Issacman, the charges that Larry faced became matters of great Constitutional rule. He paid a high price for his contentious activities, and his personal life became filled with misfortunes (Cohen, 267). However, with the invariable support of his lawyer, Flynt battled for the ideologies he believed in and in the last grand legal battle, he files his case with the Supreme Court. The First Amendment to the US Constitution was in 1791; “The congress shall make no law reducing the freedom of the press and of speech” (Cohen, 282). From these provisions, the American citizens were freer to communicate in more ways. Additionally, the most fervently fought subjects have been centered a round pornography, and obscenity (Cohen, 277). It is a disturbing topic that does not varnish in so many traditions; the struggle over the right of scumbags like Larry Flynt to do what he does, is at the heart of America's unending struggle to balance individual freedom and community sensitivities. The movie reveals diverse themes that qualify it as a

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The Distinction between Pornography and Obscenity
Lastly, this paper will attempt to provide a distinction between pornography and obscenity. In Catharine MacKinnon’s 1998 book, In Harm’s Way: The Pornography Civil Rights Hearings,she and co-author Andrea Dworkin provided both commentary as well as actual hearing transcripts relative to pornography, its victims, legislation, and public policy in key cities in the United states, including Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, and Minneapolis.
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Greatest challenge facing law enforcement agencies in investigating, exploitation, cyberstalking, and obscenity
In line with this, the world has witnessed the explosive growth of the internet with individuals, organizations, and governments using the internet for various reasons. Nonetheless, the continued adoption of the internet by users worldwide has resulted to its misuse with a new form of crimes, known as cybercrimes, emerging.
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Similarly, defining the term obscenity is also a cumbersome proposition. However, the fact remains that people perceive such terms differently according to their cultural norms, religious backgrounds and beliefs. The movie, In the Realm of the Senses (1976), directed by Nagisa Oshima, has kicked off a sandstorm of controversy in the wake of its release.
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Obscenity in courts Obscenity in courts authored by Lockhart and McClure in 1955 is a treatise on the trajectory of treatment of obscenity problem by the judiciary. Starting from Hicklin test of an English decision applied in 1800s, the American courts formulated their own standard which also changed as times changed.
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The mass media. Pornography, Erotica, and Obscenity
Pornography, Erotica, and Obscenity. The mass media plays a role in society, and has a great influence on the behavior of people. Part of the mass media industry today produces movies, magazines, videos, books, and internet material that is sexually explicit.
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Obscenity Laws and the Canadian Charter of Freedom and Rights
For example, section 163 of the Criminal Code within the law has not providing the sustenance needed to be accepted whole-heartedly as it does not appear to be implementing the legal protection it is meant too. This is because the Supreme Court follows a "community standards test" which ultimately attempts to decipher what would be considered a breach in the obscenity law by analyzing what the community is willing to accept as appropriate and what is obviously an act of an obscene nature.
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Obscenity and pornography
e that all the sexual assault cases are genuine and therefore the legal system makes use of various methods to discredit victims’ allegations of sexual assault during the court proceedings. For Lisa Frohmann, many such cases are discredited during the complaint filing stage
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One mans obscenity is another mans bedtime reading. (Geoffrey RobertsonConsider whether the UK law of obscenity should be abolished or reformed in relation to literature or film
??1 This law therefore specifically applies in the context of the statement made by Geoffrey Robertson, as was defined under the Obscene Publications Act of 1959. Section 1 states that obscenity in the content of books, films, video tapes and computer software would be that
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What Qualifies as Obscene since 1957 Supreme Court Ruling
Lauer and Lauer have addressed the aspect of sexual deviance, and what qualifies as acceptable or unacceptable as far as the portrayal of sex is concerned. They note that social and moral values vary between
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Global Communication Law
Freedom of expression, speech and right to privacy may be limited in situations where practicing them could breach peace or even lack of respect to the reputations and rights of other
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civil libertarian legal battle. Aspects of the movie shows that Larry Flynt attempts to use his fortune to expose the wrong things that affect the public. The lawyer representing him reveals his client as person interested in exposing the hypocritical in society. The lawyer portrays Larry Flynt as someone who is working to promote the marketplace of ideals philosophy. His desire to have rights for journalists included in the First Amendment attracted attention because he used a parody that was in bad taste in relation to Reverend Falwell (Cohen, 297). The lawyer argues that the marketplace ideal is for journalists to expose what goes on within their communities. The Supreme Court determined that Flynt had a right to print the parody because it was the right of the press people to inform the public. The lawyer argued from a point of view of the civil libertarian because at the end of it the Supreme Court agreed that freedom of speech meant so much in the marketplace. It meant that people has a right to access unpopular speech presented in the press. The lawyer argues that the state takes the responsibility for interfering with peoples’ rights. He argues that the state should not obstruct the wants of the people because that no longer allows people to enjoy their freedom. The arguments are not entirely showing what the wants depicted constituted (DeJean, 502). However, one thing that comes out clearly in the lawyer’s arguments relates to the right of every individual to speak his or her mind. The lawyer represents his client who is arrested for obscenity and jailed for over twenty years. The jail term is later overturned and his client is freed. The behavior of Larry, concerns his lawyer as he attempts to represent him in the best way possible but his antics in court insults the judges. The lawyer has to represent his client and convince judges that the


Name: Institution: Course: Obscenity Obscenity is any act or statement that offends the established morality of the time. This film is an exact story on the experiences of the Publisher of Hustler Magazine; Larry Flynt. Flynt grew up in the remote suburbs in the state of Kentucky, later he achieved in a bar business that was located in Cincinnati town, Ohio (Clark, 498)…
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Obscenity essay example
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