Gatwick Airport and Rabbit: Talk to Gatwick

Gatwick Airport and Rabbit: Talk to Gatwick Essay example
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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Gatwick Airport and Rabbit: Talk to Gatwick Public relations refers to the management function which is responsible for studying public attitudes, identifying the procedures and policies of an organization with the public interest, and plans and executes actions to earn public acceptance and understanding.


In most incidences public relations are always aimed at influencing the public in a manner likely to benefit the business. This is the reason why social media might be an appropriate way to carry out public relation given that a great number of people use social media more frequently than they use this other kind of media. This paper aims at discussing how Gatwick Airport and Rabbit used social media to enhance the airport public relation through a campaign dubbed “Talk to Gatwick.” London Gatwick Airport was sold by its previous owners BAA to GIP in December 2009. Despite the fact that it is the biggest single runway airport in the world and the eighth biggest airport in Europe, it still suffered from under investment under the management by BAA. After taking over the management of the business, GIP immediately started changing the airport experience to a much more human one (Czerny, 2008). The first step they took is improving customer service section. Given the fact that more passengers were talking about Gatwick online and having internet enabled cell phones within the airport, the communication team decided to look into the possibility of using online social tool in improving the airport’s public relation. ...
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