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Journals Student Name: Tutor’s Name: Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Date of Submission: Journal 1 Article “JK Rowling should remember that less means more in the Potterverse: The Pottermore website tells fans far more than they need to know about Harry Potter” This article talks of how Harry potter has been fruitful and that the Pottermore webpage risks providing too much undesired and pointless facts.


” (Mitchell 1). The writer assesses the technique in which the webpage might destroy Harry potter by comparing it to Star Wars. The article has a comical and self-deprecating tone. This is because much of the article is written in a blithe, funny manner. The author makes fun of himself, for instance, when he says, “opening thousands of pistachio nuts can cause severe thumb-bruising, I can tell you from bitter experience of my life on the brink” (Mitchell 1). The author, Mitchell, has used a simile at the opening of the news story, “Harry Potter is like football, I’m talking about the literary, cinematic and merchandising phenomenon, not its focal fictional wizard, he isn’t like football” (Mitchell 1). He employs this allegory to include comicalness to the story. According to Mitchell, Potter’s fans are more desperate for more just like football fans that do not get enough of the games, commentary and analysis. The author has also employed imagery, “every generation must lose its innocence, and must see the brightly painted nursery wall smashed away by the wrecking ball of betrayal to reveal a blighted landscape” (Mitchell 1). ...
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