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detailed analysis of a chosen photograph

The photographer is sharing the piece of his perceptional reality with the audience. The ship in the middle of the river is always journeying towards the home. Formal Elements: The picture “Rowing Home the Schoof-stuff” is an attempt of Peter Henry Emerson to widen the human vision with the depiction of a sole human existence in the wider scope of a scene (depicting the long life of a laborer). Emerson used selective focus to intensify the idea of weariness and loneliness of a laborer on his way home. The use of platinum printing is to fade away any bright toning and to add a more infused mood to create an impressionistic image. The image, like many other images following naturalism rules, did not use light, posturing and pretension. The concepts of retouching and the scientific elements that forego naturalist ideals of a scene are not used. The picture is innovative in creating and promoting impressionistic vision to be identified and followed by successors of Peterson. Historical Analysis The picture is taken by Emerson in 1886 as a part of his naturalist photography. Emerson was known as the leader of the Photographic Naturalistic movement. His idea was to present photographs in their originality without reducing the legitimacy of any image using the scientific techniques of blurring a tone, increasing the light or over-emphasizing on some aspects by clever tools rather than artistic focus. ...
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Rowing Home the School-Stuff: An Analysis Name Institution Rowing Home the Schoof-Stuff: An Analysis The photographers have a habit to create their own world and realism. All of the humans are gifted with the ability to create their own and private reality…
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