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Persuasion and Public Opinion [Name] [University] Persuasion and Public Opinion Persuasion is one the major techniques used by the government officials to create positive public opinions. It actually works in step by step manner where first the psychological, physical and emotional needs of the person are touched.


Persuasion usually relates to convincing someone regarding an idea which is generally considered controversial (Larson, 2012). This paper aims to discuss the US government shutdown which took place on October 1, 2013, when the new fiscal year was started without a budget plan (Sahadi, 2013). There were several reasons which initiated such a huge conflict between Democrats and Republicans. Persuasion and public opinion played a vital role in the overall situation because the political parties, government officials and the media personnel used different tactics in order to convince people about their position. President Obama tried to persuade people to support him while on the other hand the Republicans tried hard to oppose Obama’s actions. Additionally the after comes of October 1, 2013 event would be discussed. Introduction On October 1, 2013, America stimulated a fractional shutdown of the government. This primarily happened because the ruling political party was unable to accept the idea of reducing the federal spending. Consequently, the national government had to undergo a shutdown which affected thousands of government officials whereas most of the important government services were delayed (Sahadi, 2013). ...
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