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This paper focuses on the policy change of Instagram. It further briefs about the reaction of its users and adequate measure took to get back its users. Stakeholder Hierarchy The key stakeholders of Instagram are Facebook, Shareholders, Employees, social networking and the Internet users. On 12 April 2012, Facebook made the largest acquisition deal purchasing Instagram with approximately 13 employees for about $1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram’s main objective is to expand its business and attract more users. About $1 billion worth stocks of Instagram are with Facebook, $35 million stock with Yahoo and Flickr and about $400 Million stock with the CEO Kevin Systrom. Challenges Instagram offers its users services to share pictures and videos among individuals and groups (Albarran). The change in the privacy policy of the company was perceived as an attempt to secretly make use of users’ personal pictures for generating revenue. Instagram had a major controversy due related to privacy concerns of its users. The company used their personal pictures for the company’s own use and profits (Miles). Due to which millions of its users unsubscribed from the service. Instagram faced issues and challenges related to its privacy policy (Linaschke). The incident offers insight into the situation, which required considerable measures to regulate the company’s privacy policy. This is because of the reason that the policy provisions of Instagram allowed it to share user information to advertise and

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poll data (Albarran). The privacy concerns of Instagram were the major issues that had to be sorted out, in order to resume faith in its users. This purported attempt to convert users’ property as public to generate revenue threatened Instagram and resulted in withdrawal of its users. Action of company The privacy policy was one of the major issues that caused the company to face several threats. Though many of its users withdraw from the use of services. On the other hand, other users were perceived Instagram as a revenue generating media and agreed with the use of personal information (Miles). According to Andrew Bolson (2013), “Instagram’s 2012 policy change can be described as a failure of imagination. Since the company did not adequately assess the preference of its users base in regard to the proposed language” (Linaschke). This is because of the reason that users are unwilling to relinquish property rights in their right. The users are more willing to keep their personal photographs as their personal property (Linaschke). The policy change of Instagram misjudged the users’ consciousness (Albarran). Therefore, the company could have taken adequate measures for developing a better user understanding regarding the policy change through making polls and questioning its users. Instagram was quick to respond to the reaction of its users and updated its policies in January 2013 (Albarran). The new policy change granted its users to experience “exclusive, fully paid and royalty free, transferable, sub licensable, worldwide license to use the content that you post” (Albarran). It allows its users to reserve the rights to share information they desire with the companies related to Instagram (Miles). The policy also included the sharing of users’ contents with the third-party service providers, third-party advertisers and other parties related associated with


Instagram Instagram is a fast growing online social networking service. It enables its users to share photos and videos. It allows them to share these videos and photos on a variety of social networks, such as, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr…
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