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Travel journals vs. travel blogs

This essay “Travel journal vs travel blogs” demonstrates the difference between them. The distinction between the two made on the basis of the medium of presentation. Travel journal employs the use of print format while the blog uses online services. The success of the whole blogging process depends on access to internet services. According to Beverly and Malaval, online presentation offers the opportunity to present issues in an open and clear way. It is easy to update a travel blog compared to travel journal. However, travel journal offers a hard copy of the document and can be kept for reference and blogs may be lost with the changes in the online platform. However, travel blogs are the current issues used in recording the experience of travelling and adventure. Blogs are easier to manage due to the ease of accessibility and the simplicity in setting up. The first travel blog was initiated in 1995 and since then, the use has been on the rise. To succeed in the entire process of blogging the blogger must develop interest and develop the necessary skills for the whole process (Benioff). Travel blogs are increasingly being used to spread the information on the success of the travellers and other relevant information. Information sharing by use of blogs has increased significantly and the travel blogs are becoming one of the most successful platforms for the sharing information. The success of the blog process will depend on the writer’s creativity and the magnitude of the travel. ...
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This essay is about differences between travel journals and travel blogs. Author studies history of travel journals and blogs, discusses distinctions between the form of representation and what makes them successful…
Author : michelwalsh

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