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Travel journal versus Travel blogs Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Travel journal versus Travel blogs Introduction A travel journal is a record made by a traveler. It is a record of the daily events and occurrence in the journey. It resembles the dairy, but does not contain the personal information written in the diaries.


Dairy is personal and contains information that may be vital in the publication of information. Such writing such as Gulliver travels is dairies explaining the travel of the owner of the diary and the situations encountered in the travel. A travel journal is a diary in some way because it can be used to document life events, but not in a daily sequence as the dairy is arranged. Travel journal is a document that is used in the recording of the travels across the states, country and the world. Travel journals have been used to highlight the nature of the travel. Travel journals offer the opportunity to share travel experience by highlighting the main events in the situation (Hirst and Patching 90). The success of journals depends on the ability to combine the travel experience and personal perception in the writing. Blogs are a form of diary presented in the digital or online format. They may be termed as online dairies, journal or blog. Travel blog enables the sharing of travel information of the writer with friends and others who can access the site. Blogs are the latest platform for personal information sharing, but also offer an opportunity to share information across the populations. Compared to travel journal blogs are digital presentation of the information by the traveler and may be accessible to others via the internet. ...
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