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Essay example - Explanation of the remarkable popularity of broad casting in the US and Canada after 1922

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Journalism & Communication
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1. How can we explain the remarkable popularity of broad casting in the united states and Canada after 1922? Answer with reference to Lenthall, Himes (1997) and two other secondary reading. Thesis: The reason that the novelty of radio gained remarkable popularity after 1922 was because the technology was given the chance to flourish because it could be successfully commercialized and profits made off of it…

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By the time that the end of 1922 had come to pass, there were 570 radio stations licensed to operate within the United States (Lenthall, 2007). The birth of broadcast advertising and a way to profit had created an industry that spread rapidly throughout the nation. Advertising was not the first way in which radio was commercialized. Companies like Westinghouse set up broadcasting centers in order to promote the sales of radio equipment to the average consumer. The company was creating demand for radios by creating broadcasting that would appeal to people across demographics (Turow, 2010). One of the amateur broadcasters that were working for Westinghouse began to sell part of the air time to companies so they could use the medium to make money. This began the idea of broadcasting advertising and Westinghouse thought this was a good way to create a new stream of revenue (Lenthall, 2007). As with most inventions, they only have social value if there is a good way to commercialize an industry with them. People were given free access to broadcasting as long as they had the right equipment, which the cost of the equipment was the first cost. The second cost was time. ...
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