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Toronto during the SARS outbreak - Essay Example

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Journalism & Communication
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The article 'risk perception and compliance with quarantine during the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak' whose authors are Maurine A Cava, Krissa E Fay, Heather J Beanland, Elizabeth A McCray and Rauleen Wignall, is a study on qualitine measures undertaken during the outbreak of SARS…

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Toronto during the SARS outbreak

This articles main idea is risk communication during health emergencies of communicable diseases. Risk communication is the key element in encouraging people to adopt healthy behaviours (Rothmans an Kivinierni 1999). The essay is based on personal experience to reveal the link between participants’ perception of risk and available information. During the SARS outbreak people doubted the credibility of the information from the public health department and this affected their risk perception, example a participant who commented by saying that he could not understand why he had to be quarantined while his roommate was not, meaning that if he had the virus then so would his roommate. Information from the media also was also doubted. The author in the article brought out the experience of people quarantined and how they viewed the practice; the participant spent time thinking of the risk of contracting or spreading the disease, therefore we can say that quarantine does not only prevent spread of diseases but also help in communicating the risk of diseases. During quarantine the source of information about the disease was the media, public health department and the work place, due to this the federal government established the public health agency of Canada to coordinate responses of major disease outbreaks. The article brings out the importance of proper communication of disease during disease outbreak. ...
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