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Journal Article Response

Journal Article Response

Instructing the students to spend more time reading a literature-based basal anthology texts is less effective than balancing the reading of books with having the mentor discuss the topic and/or having a group discussion with the students.
The repetition of words and limited scaffolding in the literature-based basal anthology texts can be very effective in teaching the ESOL / LEP students remember a number of important new words. The use of basal reading could increase the knowledge of the ESOL / LEP in terms of increasing their vocabulary each day. In case of using scaffolding in the text and sentence structure, a clear picture with matching text are available to support the learning of the students.
According to Nancy Akhavan (2006), the process of educating the ESOL / LEP students through the content and context of a book including the students’ culture has to be united in order to render an effective teaching style to students with that comes from different cultural background. (4) Gilbert Garcia (2003) stated that there is a need to develop, rethink and redesign the class curriculum language class, as well as optimizing the difference in culture as a way to bridge the literacy learning of the ESOL / LEP students. (5) The use of purely literature-based basal anthology texts does not offer the class a unique teaching method needed by the students. ...
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The quality of instructions given in the class has greater impact in the performance of the students rather than providing them with quantity instructions. Providing the class with quantity instructions has been proven ineffective. …
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