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Modern World Cinema

In the past two and a half decades movie industry in Nigeria was in bad shape, most films produced then were of very poor Quality, just a few exceptions like those produced by Late Actors and producers, by name Chief Hubert Ogunde and Moses Olaiya a.k.a Baba Sala.These two actors took Nigeria movie across the Globe and they were largely applauded for their immense contribution to the Nigerian movie Industry. The films produced by Hubert Ogunde include Aiye and Jaiyesimi, all these films were masterpieces of their own time, and today these films are still available at special occasions in cinemas all over the country. Chief Hubert Ogunde single-handedly built a film village in Musan, Ogun State in Nigeria. The film village is equipped with state of the art African artifacts required to give Nigerian films the necessary African background and other required parafinaliars, the Structure is still there today for use. ...
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National world Cinema today can be described as place where movies, films and cultural shows are shown with the aim of rendering recreation, relaxation, promotion of arts and culture as well as tourism. …
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