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(Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Assignment) (Date) Hamlet I Hamlet faces the usual Shakespearean death at the end of the play. As usual in Shakespearean plays, he presents Hamlet with a complex nature that can be analyzed according to the readers’ will. While some claim that Hamlet is the victim of a chain of misfortunes that prevented him from fulfilling his mission, some others argue that he is a coward and a great procrastinator.


At first, he wants to make sure that Claudius is really guilty of the murder. One can see a Hamlet who wants to be sure of his uncle’s guilt before doing revenge, and for that, he plans the play. He says “the play’s the thing, wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king” (Act 2 Scene II). However, the biggest mistake from his part that made his entire plan go astray is his killing of Polonius in his mother’s room. It gives Claudius a chance to send Hamlet away and order to kill him, which is followed by a number of deaths leading to the tragic end of the play. In addition, it is his love towards Ophelia and his desire to keep her away from the tragic end that makes him show callous attitude towards her after the ghost reveals the truth to him. In total, though the play has a tragic end, his plan is to do the revenge in such a manner that only the guilty is punished. In total, he is a man of great virtue. Or, Hamlet is “the most admirable picture of human nature in its highest state, little lower than angels” (Adams & Hackett, 4). II There is still a controversy among scholars about Shakespeare’s intention in showing Hamlet as mad. However, a close scrutiny clearly proves that he is not at all mad. ...
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