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Director’s note: Like A Bridge is a story about Miranda, a middle-aged woman. Miranda’s inner conflict is her relative experience of comfort and success and a growing desire to have a better life. Miranda was fired from her company approximately a year ago and now her days are spent filling out job applications.


After a period Miranda begins to feel a degree of unfairness in her life; as a response she begins to act in distorted ways. She drinks whiskey and instigates a major argument with Jessica. Finally, Miranda receives a call about being hired for a job. Still, she can’t restore her broken relationship with Jessica. Working as a director of photography: My role in this film was as director of photography (DOP). Going into the project I was aware that the director of photography, or the cinematographer, is largely responsible for the artistic photography within the film. Meaning ‘writing with motion’, “...cinematography is more than the mere act of photography. It is the process of taking ideas, actions, emotional subtext, tone and all other forms of non-verbal communication and rendering them in visual terms” (Brown, 2002, p. ix). Within this context of understanding, much can be learned from the theories and practices employed by seminal directors of photography. One such consideration is the techniques used by cinematographers in the black and white era. Studio lighting from this era has oftentimes been implemented to create an authentic or naturalistic effect in contemporary cinematic production. ...
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